Nullarbor Couch

Nullarbor Couch Turfturf-type-nullarbor To be awarded the premium title of Nullarbor Couch it has been through the toughest testing over many years in your region. The Couch variety labelled Nullarbor Couch will give superior couch performance in your area, be it a home lawn, sports field, race track or playground. The Nullarbor Couch variety selected for your region may be a different variety to other parts of Australia but it's the collective use of local turf farmer's knowledge by LSA members to make sure the variety of Nullarbor couch you are selling in your region is the best local choice for both you and your customers - we take the guess work out of it and give the consumer the confidence they need to get a great lawn. Some of the main benefits for Nullarbor Couch are:
  • Unlike other couches Nullarbor can only be grown under a stringent accreditation program
  • It must display superior disease resistance for a Couch variety
  • Better cold weather tolerance than other Couch varieties
  • Improved wear and signs of rapid recovery
  • Good root tensile strength
  • High level of herbicide tolerance
  • Improved insect resistance
  • Lower Couch maintenance requirements
  • Nullarbor Couch grows best in full sun and when maintained correctly provides a superior sports turf surface.
  • This grass is recommended for domestic lawns, commercial landscapes, streetscapes and sports fields.