Home Lawn

  • Many lawn problems are caused by soil compaction, as people and vehicles repeatedly move over the lawn. Wet soils are especially prone to compaction.
  • To relieve compaction for small lawns a simple garden fork can be used to aerate the soil. Work the fork backwards and forwards at approx. 10 cm intervals to open up the soil.

Aerating Larger Sites

  • Earl’s Turf contract aerating using an agrivator for large areas. Ideal for sports fields, school ovals, parks, etc.
  • Aerating increases oxygen, water and fertilizer penetration to the root system creating a healthy plant.
  • Ideal to aerate in spring and autumn when fertilising.
  • Established turf sports fields can be rolled after aerating and played on immediately.
  • Having a healthy sports field reduces sports injuries and therefore litigation.

Contact Earl’s Turf for pricing of large areas.