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Turf Products

Sir Launcher - A premium water saving starter fertiliser with nutrient accelerator for healthy root growth.
900gm $13 - coverage 30m2 - 3kg  $33- coverage 150m2
Sir Walter DNA Certified Fertiliser - A specially formulated blend of nutrients for a strong healthy lawn.
4kg $24- coverage 150m2- 10kg bucket $40- coverage 450m2
Lawn Solutions Australia Fertiliser - A professional turf slow release fertiliser + trace elements.
2.5kg bag $15- coverage 60-100m2 - 8kg bag 200-320m2
Sir Walter DNA Certified Weed Control
250ml $18 - coverage  350-400m². Controls Catsear, Clover, Bindi, Creeping Oxalis, Cudweed, Dandelion, Plantain and Thistles
Lawn Lovers Buffalo Weed Control
2Litres - $ 21 treats 200m² Attaches to your hose fitting for easy application. Controls Catsear, Clover, Bindi, Creeping Oxalis, Cudweed, Dandelion, Plantain and Thistles
Sir Walter DNA Certified Pest Control - Kills Lawn Grubs, Beetles, Millipedes, Earwigs, Mole Crickets, Slaters and ants
2kg $20- coverage 350-400m²

Turf Delivery

Earl's Turf delivers Mon-Fri to the Mid North Coast area. Deliveries are made to kerbside only. If delivery is required beyond the kerb, the customer must sign a "Property Entry Authorisation Form" prior to delivery. Delivery is charged according to quantity of turf, distance to travel and whether the turf has to be taken beyond the kerb. Delivery rates range between $60-$150 for deliveries on the Mid North Coast

Turf Laying Rates

Laying rates are charged at $2-$3 per m²

Turf Pick-up

Earl's Turf has a pick-up service available from the farm. Pick up is possible from lawn centres. Contact them to check for availability. As a guide a 6x4 trailer can carry 50m² a 7x5 trailer 60m². Don't forget to cover your load.


  • Cash or Cheque  at time of delivery.
  • Eftpos and Credit Card facilities are available
  • Direct Deposit: BSB 704-189 Account No. 00008862 Account Name: E & J Stanley Pty Ltd
Please use invoice number as your reference number when paying into bank account.