Autumn Lawn Care

Some believe this time of year is the nicest. Your lawn will be breathing a sigh of relief from the hot and humid days; the nights becoming a little cooler getting ready for the winter chills.


It is an excellent time of year to give your lawn a good fertilise to prepare for the colder months ahead. Our weather conditions are becoming more extreme, so the stronger your lawn is the better chance it has of coming through the tough winter months and keeping winter weeds under control. Some growers believe this is the most important time of year to fertilise. If the runners and roots are strong before the winter weather, your lawn is ready to do combat with the elements.

Autumn is a good time to test your soil’s pH levels if you have not done recently. Incorrect pH affects your lawn’s growth and the results you achieve from fertilising. The optimum level is 6.5, which is slightly acidic.

Lawn Solutions Oxafert or OxaPro are dual action- feeding and preventing weeds that haven’t yet emerged.

If you have your weeds under control then Lawn Solutions Fertiliser is a perfect blend of the required nutrients needed to maintain the best lawn in the street.


Now that your lawn will start to slow down its’ growth, you will not need to mow as much.

You could raise your mowing height. Keeping a bit more length on the leaf blades is beneficial heading into winter. Your lawn should be more frost tolerant, as mostly the tips will brown off, leaving the undergrowth still green.