Eureka Kikuyu

turf-type-eureka-kikuyu Eureka Kikuyu Eureka Kikuyu is a very aesthetically pleasing lawn which is also versatile. Eureka Kikuyu has been rigorously tested under Australian conditions. Eureka Kikuyu maintains its wonderful green colour and dense coverage all year round. One huge benefit of Eureka Kikuyu is that it requires less water and nutrients than most other turf varieties. It is a turf very suited to tough conditions and tough water restrictions. Whilst Eureka Kikuyu is soft to touch it is still able to withstand regular wear and tear better than a lot of other varieties. Eureka Kikuyu is a proven performer across most soil types and most climates and thrives in full sun and partial shade. Eureka Kikuyu forms a tight, dense coverage which reduces the risk of weeds intruding, therefore reducing or eliminating the need for chemicals. Eureka Kikuyu is male sterile which means it doesn't produce male flowers, making it low allergen. banner-10-year-warranty