Sir Walter DNA Certified

sir-walter-turf-1Sir Walter DNA Certified Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf is Australia's No.1 Buffalo lawn, proving time and time again that it will go anywhere and grow anywhere. Born and bred in Australia for Australian conditions. The equivalent of 350,000 home owners cannot be wrong with over 50 million square metres sold throughout Australia. Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf is Australian Born and Bred - developed in Australia for Australian conditions. DON'T ACCEPT SUBSTITUTES - insist on Sir Walter DNA Certified  NOT the just as good as..........
  • Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn turf is the premium choice in turf for our lifestyle and climate, with excellent suitability for our coastal environment.
  • Sir Walter DNA Certified has a soft broad leaf, maintains a beautiful emerald green colour longer than other grasses, is shade and salt tolerant and best of all it is low maintenance. Sir Walter DNA Certified has a high quality appearance with minimal care.
  • Sir Walter DNA Certified is the best all round variety for home lawns and many commercial sites, providing good wear tolerance in high traffic areas e.g. backyards with dogs, playgrounds etc.
  • Sir Walter DNA Certified is the most environmentally friendly lawn grass needing less water, fertilisers, chemicals and mowing then most other varieties. Its drought tolerance, fungus and weed resistance make it an environmentally responsible variety.
If you want the best lawn in your street buy Sir Walter DNA Certified and insist of your Certificate of Authenticity. banner-10-year-warranty